Jigsaw Media was originally brought in to create a direct-mail campaign for current and prospective CTAM members. We produced a quarterly trifold newsletter that tackled a hot cable industry issue on one side with organizational news and events on the other. We handled content, design, printing, and mailing.

Since then, we have also developed multiple content programs to support CTAM’s Business Services division, including a four-piece series on cable’s push into the healthcare space. Each installment is distributed via Twitter by CTAM’s CEO and lives permanently on CTAM.com.

Quarterly Newsletter (front)

Quarterly Newsletter (back)

Social Media Content (CTAM Business Services)

We produced a monthly series for QuickBooks as part of Intuit’s e-newsletter sent out to small business owners across the country. Jigsaw Media sourced the companies, interviewed proper staff, wrote the articles and managed the entire program. As part of each piece, we worked in edit to support how QuickBooks improved their businesses. We also created the name The Small Business Chronicles, providing Intuit with a strategic brand extension.

Jigsaw Media helped iN DEMAND’s Affiliate Marketing team create the iNSights newsletter, distributed several times throughout the year. The goal was to update the affiliates on what is current in the ever-growing video-on-demand arena.