Jigsaw Media was brought in by Pepperidge Farm to handle social media postings for four business areas: Milano, Puff Pastry, Tim Tam and PF Trademark (Swirl bread, cookies, buns & rolls, frozen products). We handled strategy, creative and copy – producing 80 to 90 unique posts per month.

Zero to yummy in under four minutes. #Crunchtime

Make it a Double

We were charged with reinforcing Bigelow Tea’s sports marketing strategy by reaching vast numbers of consumers during important times on the American sports calendar.

Jigsaw Media utilized Bigelow spokesperson and lead NFL Analyst Phil Simms within a social media program during the NFL playoffs. With Twitter as the primary distribution method, we constructed a multipart branded Q&A that proved both timely and informative as the postseason unfolded. Strategic retweets by Bigelow media partners allowed the program to reach over one million followers per installment. The Bigelow Tea Sports Report has become an ongoing platform for the brand.

Jigsaw Media produced content for CME Group as part of the marketing strategy around its corporate sponsorship of London-based professional rugby club, Saracens. This is an ongoing program with all Jigsaw-created content living within CME’s digital magazine, Open Markets. Fresh storylines were disseminated via Twitter. The program drove significant traffic to the website and the content was picked up by several blogs. A new batch of content has been ordered for 2015 to support both European and U.S.‑based initiatives.

Video: Saracens Takes on Life After Professional Sports

Jigsaw Media was originally brought in to create a direct-mail campaign for current and prospective CTAM members. We produced a quarterly trifold newsletter that tackled a hot cable industry issue on one side with organizational news and events on the other. We handled content, design, printing, and mailing.

Since then, we have also developed multiple content programs to support CTAM’s Business Services division, including a four-piece series on cable’s push into the healthcare space. Each installment is distributed via Twitter by CTAM’s CEO and lives permanently on CTAM.com.

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